meet anthony olive.

wgn had an interesting interview this evening with one mr. anthony olive.

didn't you know? anothny olive is the head of the chicago division of mother nature. their investigative piece dealt with the numerous complaints the head office has been recieving regarding mr. olive's vindictive nature. "it seems like he's just got something against the greater chicago area," one resident said.

when reached for comment, mr. olive's secretary read us mr. anthony olive's prepared response. it went a little something like this.

"dear chicago resident,

i curse you and the plague you worship called cub-dom. your midwesterness makes me sick in all of its ignorance and self importance. if you don't like my mid-march snow, you can lick my hairy balls. if you don't like my mid-march snows raining on your st. patty's parade, make sure not to forget my chode whilst licking said balls.

eat shit and die. (the sooner the better.)


mr. anthony olive"

there you have it kids - mother nature don't like us. i say, "fuck it. party goes on."

see ya' saturday. hope it's good fun, even if i don't remember.


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